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  • We try to help business with softwares

    try our programs and help people for their needs

  • We try to help business with softwares

    try our programs and help people for their needs

  • We try to help business with softwares

    try our programs and help people for their needs

Business Automation

Improved visibility and control through Business Intelligence Reports, Alert Management, Workflows, User Roles Definitions, Multi-company reporting etc.

Tax Automation

Adhere to Statutory requirements and reduce manual efforts with end-to-end Tax Automation including 100% GST-compliant invoicing, return preparation, return filing and reconciliation.

ERP for GST Features

A complete business automation that helps SMEs to streamline their business processes, reduce costs, improve productivity, leverage industry best practices, stay compliant with tax rules & reports and procedures and take more informed decisions.

Client Server Architecture

ERP for GST can be accessed through RDC or V-SAT or Lease line network.


Can be integrated with other applications for delivering any desired output.


Scanned copies of various documents can be stored and can be further linked to the transactions or masters.


Can be configured for addressing specific requirements/needs of user.

Easy Workflow

Multiple Workflows can be created/mapped as per user’s requirement.

Intuitive Interface

Easy to navigate Interface to enhance the software users’ experience.

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Become a part of the GST Revolution

GST is a critical reform that indicates the growth of a country’s economy. Know more about what is GST which not only makes the tax system less complicated, it also helps in increasing compliance, boosting revenue and lessens the tax outflow for the consumers. The Constitutional Amendment Bill for Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been sanctioned by the President of India post being approved by the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. India is expected to have the GST bill take full dominance and replace all the indirect Centre and State taxes levied on goods and services by July 2017. With the Indian GST coming into the picture, the impact of GST is on all industries. The GST vs current tax structure shows the comparison of the current taxes such as VAT, Service Tax, Excise, Octroi, etc.

Unique Benefits of ERP for GST

- Rapid Implementation Architecture (RIA) of ERP for GST can enable a SME to become GST compliant within hours from purchase

- Ability to handle Reverse Charge Mechanism in a simplified manner

- Seamless connectivity between ERP for GST & enComply for easy Returns Processing

- Provisional ITC Vs Actual ITC Report can be obtained with lesser manual efforts

- Inbuilt option to handle multiple Inter-state/Intra-state locations for Customer & Vendors

- Effortless Mismatch identification, followed by easier reconciliation procedure

- Printable formats for GST Returns with export facility are made available in ERP for GST

- Dynamic reports for GST Output Tax and Provisional Credits can be easily generated


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